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'Creating beautifully handcrafted art from old, tired & un-loved books'

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Compass Books Dartmouth

'Creating art from old, tired & un-loved books'




Hi, I am Lucy

I have run Compass Books second-hand bookshop for over 20 years in Dartmouth, Devon, and have always hated having to throw away 'dead' books - ones that are damaged, or have missing pages, or loose covers etc. So I rolled my sleeves up and taught myself how to recycle old and unusable books into something that is decorative and functional.


All of my book art is made from books that would otherwise be heading into landfill.  The book sculptures are NOT 'toys' and quite often they will contain pages with swear words or sexual references etc.  If you are buying some book art for a child, just keep that in mind!

(Although let's face it, they are going to learn about these things eventually!)

**Special Requests**

All the book art is made to order, so if you have a special request, such as using a specific book, or a different colour or mix of colours, then please feel free to contact me.  Most things are doable!


**International Orders**

I do not have a standard shipping matrix for sending orders outside of the UK, but if you would like any of my items sent internationally, please feel free to contact me at and let me know which items you are after, and where you want them to go, and I will happily put a postage quote together for you.


All off-cut paper created when making my Paperback Pets and Book Art gets shredded and used as packaging material for posting the items. With this in mind, when your package arrives, try and be in somebody else's house when you open it, as it can go everywhere and shredded paper is like glitter for turning up in strange places for days to come!


CONTACT ME    Dartmouth, Devon

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